ARIADNA CI: energized and de-energized MV&LV cable identifier

In electrical maintenance works, in order to cope with safety standards, it becomes necessary to identify de-energized cables unambiguously prior to its manipulation.

Cutting the wrong cable may result in the following consequences:

  • Personnel live threat
  • Power supply failure

Advanced digital tool

ARIADNA CI cable identifier is an advanced, yet simple to operate, digital tool.

It helps users to easily identify de-energized and energized MV&LV electrical cables among multiple conductors, in trenches, manholes, panels, aerial/underground conversions, etc



  • Energised MV cables
  • Energized LV cables
  • De-energized MV and LV cables

Works with:

  • Single phase conductors (shielded or unshielded)
  • Three phase or 3 phase + neutral conductor

Signal injection by:

  • Direct connection to cables
  •  Signal induction through toroidal clamp (optional)
  • Detects active signal’s Amplitude and Polarity
  • Maximum cable length > 10km (direct connection)
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery on transmitter (CI-TX): >24h at level 2 (up to 4) of transmission power


Ariadna ILF12: Live phase and feeder identifier

Low Voltage connectivity data (relation from MV/LV transformer with end user) results critical for the correct management of electrical distribution cable networks. The use of this information in a GIS solution allows calculation of transformer load balances, faults, preventive maintenance task planning, etc., and at end, guarantees the quality of electrical supply.

Fast, easy and reliable solution

In order to cope with Electric Utilities needs, Ariadna Instruments has designed the new ILF12, a Low Voltage phase and feeder identifier, which can identify 3 phases and up to 12 feeders of a transformer´s output. This equipment determines connectivity between subscribers and the different feeders and phases of an MV/LV transformer substation in a fast, easy and reliable way.


  • Works in service, without de-energizing the feeder
  • Three phases and up to 12 feeders can be identified in few seconds
  • Proved efficiency on line distances greater than 1 km
  • Central and Line Unit communicate with each other by means of coded messages through the distribution network. This way the use of radio or other communication extra equipment is avoided.
  • Operational for all kind of Low Voltage network configurations, Delta, Triangle (no neutral) and up to 440 Vac between phases, 50 or 60 Hz, with coupled and/or ringed feeders
  • A single operator can easily use it


ai200 underground pipe and cable Locator

Ariadna ai200 is a professional underground cable and pipe locator for utilities. It marks the route and indicates the depth of different distribution networks.


  • Locates and traces underground pipes and cables. Electric cable tracer.Underground Pipe locator
  • Injects 3 active frequencies for tracing: 640Hz, 9kHz and 33kHz
  • 3 ways for signal injection: direct connection, clamp induction and built-in antenna induction
  • Measures loop impedance
  • Transmission power up to 10W
  • Detects 3 active and 2 passive frequencies
  • Pinpoints underground cables with two arrows and progressive bar
  • Peak and Null mode
  • Measures cable depth in inches or cm
  • Measures current amplitude of detected active frequency in mA
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery, mains charger + car adapter
  • Optional: Positive identification (discrimination) of electric cables in accessible places (transformer substations, trenches, manholes, etc.)