Earthing and Short-Circuiting Devices

To enable personnel to work perfectly in emergencies and reliably prevent danger to personnel, earthing and short-circuiting devices must be optimally adapted to the situation they are to be used in.

To meet these requirements, PFISTERER offers a comprehensive range of conductor and earthing clamps for use in all cases.

Real Lifesavers

Because earthing cables can lash about in a short-circuit situation and endanger personnel in the immediate vicinity, the selected earthing cable should not be longer than necessary. For this reason, PFISTERER produces all its earthing and short-circuiting devices with reference to each specific order and precisely geared to the particular customer requirements.

Comprehensive Range

  • Earthing clamps for all applications
  • Conductor screw clamps for all applications
  • Cylindrical, ball and T-bolts as earthing bases


Voltage Detectors

The new PFISTERER voltage detector provides wider range of application, easier handling, improved signal indication – KP-Test 5 keeps pace with increased market requirements and makes high-quality safety equipment possible.

KP-Test 5 in use

Technical Features

  • Integrated audible signal for reliable voltage tests, even under noisy environmental conditions
  • Extremely bright LEDs optimally arranged for increased safety
  • Reliable self-test during power-up, which even checks the contact electrode extension
  • Intelligent modular system which also includes very lightweight and short voltage detectors
  • Indoor and outdoor use with one device
  • Optimized operating comfort – a light press of a finger and the KP-Test 5 is activated
  • Designed and constructed in accordance with IEC 61243-1:2003